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CARBON TETRACHLORIDE (CCl4) - Tetrachloromethane

Carbon Tetrachloride   
  • GACL guarantees minimum 99.9% pure Carbon Tetrachloride of international quality which is stable upto 130oC with common construction metals in presence of light and water.

  • QCD is equipped with most modern instruments to analyze special test on request.

    We are always the first and so...

    At GACL, we bring the premium quality products manufactured by the state-of-the-art technologies. Carbon Tetrachloride is manufactured by Technology of Shin Etsu, Japan since 1986.

  • Zinc coated non returnable GI Barrels each of 250 kg net weight for Export

  • 300 kg net weight for domestic market in HM-HDPE Barrels

  • 60 kg net weight for domestic market in HM-HDPE drums

  • Colourless & non-flammable liquid with moderately strong ethereal, non-irritant odour. Boiling Point : 76.7oC

  • Miscible with large number of common organic liquids. Slight solubility with water

  • 10 Metric Tonnes/day

  • Fluorocarbon Refrigerants and propellants

  • Grain fumigants and flour bleaching

  • Solvent in chlorinated rubber manufacturing and petroleum refining industry

  • Grease removing agent for machinery and tool

  • Dry-cleaning fluid

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Flotation fluid, synthesis of nylon-7

  • Pharmaceutical preparations


    Sr. Characteristic Specifications
    1. Colour APHA 10.00 max
    2. Sp. Gravity (15oC/4oC)   1.600/1.608  
    3. Purity % 99.90 min
    4. Methylene Chloride ppm 10.00 max
    5. Chloroform ppm 100.00 max
    6. Trichloroethylene ppm 100.00 max
    7. Moisture ppm 50.00 max
    8. Free Chlorine ppm 1.00 max
    9. Acidity ppm 1.00 max
    Caution : Threshold limit 10 ppm as per ACGIH norms
    Hydrolyzes to form Hydrochloric Acid with Water

    Carbon Tetrachloride